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3 Preparation Tips for a Fantastic Fishing Charter

1. Carefully Select Comfortable & Layered Clothing

Comfort is the key to an enjoyable fishing charter experience, and it starts with what you choose to wear.  Before launching off to spend a day out on the water, it is important to select an outfit that will keep you feeling relaxed and cozy throughout your voyage. This outfit can include a wide range of garments depending on personal preferences, but it is generally recommended that you select something that is loose fitting with a wind-resistant outer layer. (HINT: It is always a good idea to check the day’s forecast prior to selecting your outfit.)

Additionally, it is also important to bring multiple layers of clothing on your fishing charter. Temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit while on the water, so dressing in layers will help to ensure that you are prepared for any sudden temperature changes that may occur. Furthermore, when boating there is always the possibility of getting wet, so it’s never a bad idea to have a few extra garments just in case!

2. Don’t Let the Sun Get the Best of You

As is always the case when spending an extended period of time outdoors, sun protection is key. Fishing charters often extend to the hot middle hours of the day, so it especially important to apply sunscreen in order to avoid sunburns.

The frequency at which one should apply sunscreen varies depending on several factors such as temperature, SPF and pigmentation. However, in general it is recommended that sunscreen is applied prior to beginning a fishing charter, and at the very least once more during the charter.

Also important is the protection of one’s eyes from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts, retinal burn, and sunburn to the cornea known as “photokeratitis.” Luckily, all this can be avoided by wearing sunglasses and a hat to shield the UV rays. (HINT: Not all sunglasses provide equal protection, so for maximum shielding select glasses that are labeled as blocking 99-100% of UVA & UVB rays.)

3. Get the Rest and Nutrients you Need

While fishing charters provide a great deal of relaxation, a day on the water can be physically and mentally draining without proper preparation beforehand. Therefore, prior rest and nutrition is key to maximizing the enjoyment of your fishing charter experience.

This process begins the night leading up to the charter. Sleep requirements vary on an individual basis, but in order to ensure that you are alert and awake from start to finish we advise getting the National Sleep Foundation recommended 7-8 hours of sleep for adults, and 9-11 for children.

Prior to departing for your charter the following morning it is important for one to hydrate and eat a balanced breakfast. Try kicking off your day with an adequate meal consisting of several different food groups, and drinking 24-32 oz. of water before beginning your voyage. (HINT: In order to prevent sea sickness, take Dramamine approximately one hour before beginning your charter.)

Also, remember that healthy nutrition must continue throughout the charter. While fishing it is important to maintain hydration levels by consistently drinking water, and take a break to eat a wholesome lunch that will provide steady energy throughout the afternoon.

In Conclusion…

Fishing Charters are a safe, relaxing and fun experience that people of all ages and experience levels can enjoy. In order to get the most out your charter refer to these simple tips, listen to any advice or instruction provided by your captain, and most importantly kick back, relax and enjoy!